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    Fireworks Crash Issue

    4Gosselin Level 1

      I've been using Fireworks for years and with the new Cloud version it appears their is a memory bug or something?  After working about 20 minutes or depending on file size the app will crash.  This is 100% guaranteed and happens every time.  This has become a total time suck and annoyance.


      If you don't save existing work constantly you run risk of losing it for sure.  I actually will save and close Fireworks and then reopen about every 15-20 minutes.  Yes it feels like working in the dark ages with the best tech.  I remember the good old days of Macromedia. 


      I've got a super charged Mac Book pro with 32GB of RAM and still having this issue.  Any suggestions?


      When the error happens there is a alert to notify Adobe Fireworks Team, but it won't submit.  Probably because their is no support team.


      If anyone has figured out a solution or work around I'd be obliged.