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    Can't figure out what's wrong

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      Hello everyone. I've been struggling with 2 puppets for a week now, even after watching tutorials and reviewing sample puppets. One of them moves okay, but she doesn't blink, and i clearly tagged blinking. Also, when I drag her arms, the whole body distorts. For some reason, the mesh of the arm includes the body, which is a separate group (and most meshes are contour). The second puppet has a table in front of her. Instead of moving just the head and part of the body, the whole picture kind of pivots, with only her head looking vaguely ok. At one point the table stopped moving, but after I switched to check one of the okay samurai puppets, it started moving with my head again. Her bg hair also stretches instead of dangling, but if I change the modifiers, it detaches fro the head. I attached the videos, and the puppets. Please help me locate and fix the problems, Im on a deadline for a university project. Here are the files: WeTransfer


      UPDATE: Fixed mom's arms, they werent independent, but now when I drag them they detach from the body. It looks like dragging items in photoshop layers.



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          CoSA_DaveS Adobe Employee

          Make sure the Arm groups that you set to Independent are also set to Attach To = Auto, and Attach Style = Hinge (or Weld). You should see a green circle around the origin point of the group when Attach To = Auto. If you see a green dotted line, it means the origin isn't overlapping with its parent mesh — try dragging it so that it does (i.e. to the shoulders).


          If you haven't already updated to v1.1.1, you should. It defaults Attach To to Auto for newly added groups. The current version number is shown in the menu bar.

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            ArtLone Level 1

            Hello, I did all of that, though I tried to see if any of the fixed handles are making a problem and turns out they were! Now the first puppet is almost fully functional. Only some dangle and dynamics left to add. I'll keep you posted if i have problems with the second one. one last thing- how do i get the puppet to follow my eyes? Is the problem the fact that her white eye part isn't circular inside?