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    Video imported too dark (dark region turned into black)




      I am looking for solution (if there is any) for my problem:
      The video I took with Nikon D5000 (.AVI), gets too dark in the way, the darkest regions are read as one black color.
      I attach 3 screenshots:
      First 2 show the comparison between After Effects (also tried other Adobe programs, it's the same) and Media Player Classic (and it's like this in all the players and even Vegas software runs it well).
      On the 3rd screenshot you can see what happens when I add some brightness or stuff (so to show you there is no information left on the left on the screen).

      I tried changing the Color mode in the composition options - it runs "the brightest" at (None) - any other option just turns it even darker.
      I think I checked all the options in the program I know, and found nothing.
      It's just like when importing a video, AE automatically gets "wrong" RGB range, and it converts all darkest regions into black. (And overall video is a bit darker too).


      Of course I have all FX off, and I tried it on new projects/compositions, and it's all the same.


      I tried reinstalling the software, I reinstalled all the codecs - nothing.
      Only after rendering the video in Vegas into other format, AE reads it better.
      But I have quite too much of the stuff, to re-render all of it before even starting to work.


      Is there any option to make AE read it well? Or is it something wrong with codecs as it loses all the information from the darkest parts?
      Anybody could help with some solution?