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    Importing local images to new Lightroom




      I have a catalog of 3.5TB photos in Lightroom Classic on my local hard drive.

      I would like to import these photos to use them in the new Lightroom, but without the cloud sync. I just want to use Lightroom with my local files on my local disk.

      Now the problem is that Lightroom insists on to importing these photos again requiring additional terabytes of space and import them to system drive. I don't understand why it wants to re-import the images i already have. Trying to migrate the catalogues from the Lightroom classic also fails because it needs tons of space that i don't have.

      I have a C: and a D: drive. C: is system and apps drive with 500GB storage. D: is for image storage about 4TB almost full.

      Any help?

      Thank you