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    "Photos don't sync - sync - sync"

    Neox99 Level 4

      The myriad posts here about sync problems prompts a bit or musing.

      I have about 17GB worth of photos on PC drives.

      I have asked myself WHY would I want to have all that sitting on a server in some remote location.

      I have photos in a WIP (Work In Progress) folder. Those, along with all other photos are backed up to 3 locations (drives).

      Lr Classic was intended to be a photo processing and library organizing app, with files stored locally.
      The new Lr CC is intended to be used as a Mobile(s)-synced-to-PC(s) system. It is not intended to be a massive library storing system like the Library Module In Classic.

      I still ask, WHY would I want more than the photos I want to work on or share, stored in 'the cloud'.


      So - to my question here: Why do people want to store massive libraries on Adobe servers?

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          selondon Adobe Community Professional

          I'm just a amateur hobbyist that currently and mainly takes pictures of my young family and extended family.


          Firstly, I like the idea of Cloud Storage (I was an Adobe Revel user initially) as I don't have to 'mess about' with external hard drives (although I frequently archive onto these as another back up, but apart from that they are never connected).


          Additionally, I can light edit at my convenience and collate photographs of events and share them with the family. Also, we use Lr CC all the time to view photos on either the laptop or mobile device, the children love going into the various Albums.... a trash can feature would be nice!


          So it really suits us. I once read a dpreview thread about Cloud Storage and one post was "ridiiculous.... why would I ever want my photos available anytime anywhere" to which one reply was "well, it's not like you ever want to look at your photos!".


          Obviously, all these things may not apply to many, especially Pros who just want to move on from a project, but users require different models.


          I only have 80GB up there anyway..... I assume you mean 17TB by the way Neox?

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            Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Neox99  wrote


            So - to my question here: Why do people want to store massive libraries on Adobe servers?

            It's pretty simple: To be able to access, edit, and use any image on any device or computer without having to think about where they are. A lot of people don't want to muck around or have to think about it and just use their images. They also don't want to worry about backups, filetypes, folder structure, running out of hard disk space, etc.


            It's not a way of working that works for me with my many terabytes of images and more complex organization, exporting and keywording needs than CC offers but I can see the attraction.

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