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    3D Extruding Roundness


      I keep having the issue of my objects looking perfectly fine and then when I go to "3D Extrusion" and pop out my design, it rounds edges and straight lines sometimes get rounded off and corners get rounded instead of being a hard edge. I'm not sure if there are settings I can change to make an EXACT extrusion of my piece rather than it auto tweaking edges and corners etc. I've went through all the settings I can imagine and about to lose hope with Photoshop 3D. PLEASE HELP!!!


      In the attached picture, I show an example of what it's doing to a LOT of my items. Also you will notice that when I leave the little floating rectangle above the letter, it extrudes PERFECTLY how I want it. However I don't want the rectangle above the L so I erased it pre-extrusion and then it decides to round off the edge. Thanks for any help on this.L.PNG

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional

          Can you describe exactly how you are making your shape.


          To try and replicate the issue, I traced your shape with the pen tool to create a path

          Then used 3D extrusion from Work Path


          I don't see the issue you described :





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            PeeShay Level 1

            I will try this, the L shape is simply a font I downloaded and I have been using that font to make 3D printed items but sometimes when I extrude logos or random shapes, it rounds edges like above rather than just simply extruding exactly what is there. Almost like it's trying to fix itself or something.


            Typically I take a logo or shape and cut out all around it or take a PNG image and just "3D Extrude" layer and it seems to be a gamble whether it will work right or if it  will round and re-shape some parts of it. I have never used the "work path" like you mentioned above so maybe that is my problem. Will come back after i try it.


            Thanks for the help.

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              davescm Adobe Community Professional

              Making a path often works best as you can keep the path nice and clean, which in turn leads to a clean extrusion.