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    Mobile Lightroom cc storage

    Jose Denizard

      I would like to know if there's a way to delete photos from the mobile Lightroom app and not loose them from my cloud storage. I have a 16 GB iPhone and it's a real pain. I want to keep them separated

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          selondon Adobe Community Professional

          You cannot, as it will delete them from the Cloud also.


          But, once you are sure that everything is in the Cloud and syncing has finished, you can Clear Cache. (Select the three dots to the right of All Photos in Album View and select Clear Cache).


          This should reduce the space taken up by photos, leaving just thumbnails or Smart Previews until you access them individually.

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            john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            No, there isn't. But the files are normally very small - it's only when you enable local storage that there space mounts up.

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              Can I safely delete Lightroom Mobile from my iPhone and re-download it again? (basically I assume everything what's in the All synced photos has the originals in cloud, am I right?

              I think I have a problem that some local cached photos were not deleted once they have been uploaded to cloud. Lightroom Mobile on my iPhone shows 38 GB and it's really difficult to free up the space even if I delete some albums. On the other hand, when I've downloaded Lr Mobile on my iPad, it showed 17 GB (including albums included in offline editing).


              So I'd like to try deleting the app but first I'd like to make sure I won't loose anything what was in the app before...

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                selondon Adobe Community Professional

                Lightroom CC Mobile and Lightroom CC Desktop are just clients that allow sync to and from the Cloud.


                If all photos and edits are synced up to the Cloud (check the sync Icon and also make sure it's not paused) then you should be able to delete the app, as the Photos will just sync down from the Cloud again.


                It's probably best to wait for another confirmation, just in case someone points out another issue.


                Also, I'd try Clear Cache first and check the size again, if you haven't already.

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                  dada-is-here Level 1

                  Yup, I delete the cache from time to time. It takes up just few hundreds of MB. Unfortunately it doesn't have any significant effect. Still wondering why the library takes up so much space on my iPhone compared to the iPad. I also think that everything should be in the cloud before I delete and reinstall the app. Just wanted to double check if I'm not missing anything .

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                    Victoria Bampton LR Queen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Perhaps you have some albums marked for offline use? They wouldn't be cleared when you clear cache.

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                      dada-is-here Level 1

                      I know I don't have the same collections for offline use on both devices but most of them are... it would make sense to have 3-4 GB difference, not 20 GB (yes, I've double checked the size of each album.)




                      This is my original thread where I tried to move some photos to desktop but the effect was quite negligible so I'm thinking whether deleting the app might fix the issue ... probably temporarily, though...


                      How to transfer Lightroom Mobile photos to Desktop?

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                        dada-is-here Level 1

                        you can transfer the photos to your hard drive in Lightroom CC Classic and try to select to sync only the collections you're currently working with... that's the price for smaller storage device :/


                        I'd try to delete and reinstall the app... maybe you also have the same issue as me... perhaps there might be some file s stored locally but they're already in the cloud...

                        I though that when the smart preview sync is on, the original dng (which can have over 20 MB per file) is in the cloud and I download only the preview, which can have maybe 2 MB)... this way you should be able to have access to a library which takes up more GB than your phone... This is just a theory, though...

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                          selondon Adobe Community Professional

                          Another possible check would be to Clear Cache in both places (in one of the options in the preferences under the Lr logo & then by using the three dots under All Photos).


                          i suspect they do the same and it wont make a difference, worth a go though.

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                            I have been experiencing the syncing between Lightroom CC, Lightroom CC Classics and the iOS app on both iPad and iPhone too.


                            If you have good WiFi access for your iPhone, consider delete the entire App and reinstall it and let the App sync to see does it take up the same amount of storage or less.


                            I suspect the Lightroom CC iOS App consumes storage outside the photos and folder structure footprints, something like a "scratch disk".

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                              edmondn31605333 Level 1

                              If you want to view your Lightroom library when you away from your computer but not consuming your iPhone storage, consider using the Creative Cloud App, which you can see your entire library and the photos in the albums.


                              You can mark photos to be available for offline access, for those you'd like to view all the time.


                              This way you can be selective what to keep on the mobile device with limited storage.


                              Just an idea.