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    Photoshop 2018 stuck on Initializing Dial... on startup. Pen related issue?


      If I have the wintab fix (PSUserconfig etc etc) in its settings folder, photoshop will get stuck on Initializing Dial and will not start.
      If I remove it, photoshop starts up fine but wont have pen pressure.

      If I allow windows ink in my tablet settings, while turning on windows ink itself, it will work with pressure sensitivity but dragging sliders will lag.


      This only happened to the latest 2018, has not happened with prior versions of photoshop.


      Using a Huion tablet with correct updated drivers, Q11k on one computer, and a kamvas on another.

      BOTH have the same problem with JUST photoshop 2018.
      Works completely fine from the get go in Clip Studio Paint, Blender, and a trial of Paintstorm Studio.


      So Im gonna assume the "industry standard" has it right and its a problem on my end? So why is photoshop the only program that cant just simply work with my tablet out of the box? What am I missing? The only thing Ive ever done is the Wintab fixed, its correctly named and has the proper format.