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    PC build for animator and video editor


      I’m finishing my bachelor in animation this coming term, and have only been using the computers available at our uni’s media department up to now. When it comes to video related work I am mostly interested in working on short films and music videos. Maybe some freelance work in the future. I work with stop motion and 2d animation. The programs I use are TV Paint for 2d animation, and After effects for animation and post production and of course premiere. I don't really work on Maya right now, but might upgrade the computer to do so in the future.
      I also want to be able to work on live action footage. Keep in mind that I’m not the biggest special effects nerd when it comes to live action though. I like to play around with different mediums and platforms, and play around visually. After effects and premiere will be both used for personal artistic projects and probably some small freelance work from time to time.

      When I graduate I need a personal workspace that runs smoothly and enables me to work on a somewhat professional level when required. I don’t really specialise in cgi, and I’m not sure I need the absolute most powerful, expensive stuff for the level I am at video-editing wise. I’m not the most technical person, but I’m quite adaptable and think I’ll be able to build a pc if I get help in the right direction and help choosing the right parts. I’ve been reading on specs and parts needed for after effects(which seems like the heaviest program I use), but I’m not looking to make a overkill video editing beast at this point of my career(if you see what I mean by this). I don’t know how to think budget wise, but I am willing to stretch a bit if it means I’m making a good investment. I am also aware that if I need to upgrade in the future whenever thats needed.
      I’m sorry if I sound confused, but that’s just what I am.