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    Flex appends title to browser window in IE

      I have run into a bug with my app which occurs only in IE. My browser title is changed when my embedded flash object is loaded to the page.
      My set up is as follows:
      1) Running JSPs
      2) Page loads the flash object asynchronously (using ajax).
      3) Once flash object is loaded two things happen:
      i) The current title of the browser appends a part of my URL . (URL format is as follows: https://somehostname.com/#someStringFollowedByParams #someStringFollowedByParams The part that gets appened to the title, is everything after and starting with "#" )
      ii) My flash object allows some interaction. An as soon as anything is done with that object (even simply clicking on it , in any area of that object) the browser title changes completly to that string that starts with "#".

      Now, nowhere in my code do I set a title through flex.
      The title that is set through JavaScript on page load, doesn't have that URL piece .. It displays simple strings depending on page content.

      This only happens in IE (both 6 and 7) , no other browser behaves this way...

      Have anyone seen this issue and have any suggestions ?