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    Animate UI goes black


      This problem has been haunting me for a long time but it seems to be getting more frequent and annoying lately. Basically, most of Animate's UI will go black at random points during my work day. Once this happens I have to close the program and re-open it. Sometimes it still responds and I am able to save before closing and others it is not responding at all. I can't seem to pin the problem down to one function either. This has been happening about 5-6 times a day lately and is driving me crazy.


      I know it is definitely not specific to my PC as this has happened on multiple machines and while I was working at completely different companies. The only thing in common I can think of is they were all windows PCs (7 & 10) and I'm pretty sure they were all using some form of nVidia cards if that helps in any way? Please tell me there is a fix for this, I have endured about 2 years of it and can't take any more!!


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          Preran Adobe Employee

          Apologize for your experience. If you are still facing this issue, send me your Adobe ID, location, and phone number along with a link to this forum post. To send a private message, click my picture and use the message button. We will get in touch with you for investigation.