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    Deletion of files in review all messed up!

    lkyp Level 1

      This is my third experience, so I thought it was time to speak up!


      I had several submitted files in review, (this isn't the first time this has happened)


      Upon realizing one out the several had a problem, I tried to delete it. Click on the image...correct image title showing metadata...click the delete link and it deletes the first image in the group. Try again...same...try again...same, until finally the one I want to delete is first then I can delete it.


      This is UNBELIEVABLY frustrating, irritating, and a big time drain.


      Now I have to resubmit all the ones that I wanted to keep.


      I assure you this is not an error on my part, there is a glitch in the software programming.


      Thank you,