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    Chart border

    pearbiscuits Level 1
      How can I draw a box or border around a chart area? Not the whole chart object with the axes and labels, but ONLY the area where the chart is actually drawn...

      I have no idea if this takes bbcode or html or what but I took a snapshot of what I wanted to do:

      Basically what I want is to draw what's in bright green (I just did that on paint for this :( ), or just the top and left lines since the axes are already there. Thanks!
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          pearbiscuits Level 1
          Alternatively (or, in addition to this), how can I change the background color ONLY for the area in that green rectangle?
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            Mark.P. Level 1
            If you're using Flex 3 it's pretty easy for both....

            For the backgroundColor you can use a style in your CSS like this:

            .myStyle {
            attached like this:
            <mx:GridLines id="myGrid" styleName=" myStyle">
            <mx:Stroke weight="1" color="#333333" alpha=".2"/>
            <mx:Stroke weight="1" color="#333333" alpha=".2"/>
            <mx:CartesianDataCanvas id="backCanvas" includeInRanges="false" />

            as for the green border around it I'm not sure how to do it the "right" way, but you can try using the <mx:secondHorizontalAxis> then just set the style for that as well.