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    Can't Open PDFs - Get "Cannot Connect" and "Subscription Expired" Instead


      I am still using Windows XP (w. Outlook Express as mail server).  I have long been using Acrobat Pro XI, but it is my understanding that Adobe recently has automatically upgraded that program to Acrobat Pro DC. and that the latter program is not compatible with XP.  Beginning several days ago I noticed that whenever I opened a PDF document it would open successfully, but that when I went to close it I would first get this Adobe pop-up saying something about "your subscription has expired", to renew it, and not being "able to connect to the Adobe server at this time and to try it again later".  As of 2 days ago (Friday, 12/15) I was not even able to open PDF files, getting the pop-up instead (my Acrobat Pro subscription is up to date, btw).  I contacted customer service in chat and was told, b/c I have XP, that I need to reinstall Acrobat Pro XI on my computer and was provided with a link to be able to do that, which I did.  However, the same problem continues, and I get the pop-up even when I try to click on the Acrobat Pro XI shortcut that it installed on my desktop!  This problem is particularly frustrating b/c I can right-click and open existing PDF files in "My Documents" using Adobe Reader XI but cannot open PDFs attached to emails in my Outlook Express b/c I do not have that option --  I can only attempt to open those with Acrobat Pro XI.       HELP!!!!       

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You need to better describe the situation. What application do you currently own?

          There's no automatic update from Acrobat XI to DC. You have to pay for it.

          Also, Acrobat XI did not have a subscription model. So what exactly are you using?

          If you have Windows XP then you can't get anything newer than Acrobat/Reader XI, as it won't be compatible with your OS.

          Also, if you have Acrobat there's no reason to also have Reader. It will just cause conflicts.

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            ppurtha Level 1

            I thought I described the situation very much in detail.  (?)   And yes, if you already have a current subscription to Acrobat XI  it was automatically updated to Acrobat DC for the remainder of the term, at least for the Pro version.  The Adobe customer support team member told me that in chat, and it also states that on the Adobe website on the page with the download links for Acrobat XI and Acrobat X (Pro and standard).  FWIW, I also don't see how Acrobat Reader XI would cause a conflict with Acrobat XI, being that I can view the docs with Reader so long as they are in my documents and not in an attachment sent with an email.  (?)          


            Would one of the Adobe Support Expert team members please chime in?