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    Acrobat append to document issue with Windows 10.


      Ok, the title itself can be a bit misleading, but I have tried getting help directly from Microsoft as the issue only occurs on one platform, but they haven't been able to help and ask that I contact support for the software instead, so here I am.


      To make things short, Adobe Acrobat seems unable to use logged on internet session in Windows 10 as it did in Windows 7.


      Brief explanation: We have a department that receive claims that get filled out in a webform, and pdf documents attached with this webform to support their claim. This webform is sent to an email address with the details filled in, and a http link to the attached pdf document.


      These claims and their attached documents all need to be archived due to internal audit policies, so what our users do, or at least used to do before we switched to Windows 10, was simply convert the received email to a PDF document, right-click the http link and append the linked document to the webform pdf.


      The http link requires a logged in session, so in Windows 7, if you hadn't logged on to the webpage with Internet Explorer, Acrobat would simply state "General error" and nothing else, but when you had an authenticated session it downloaded and appended the document as intended.


      Now, in Windows 10 this doesn't seem to work, and I don't know if it's all versions of Windows 10 as we only use Windows 10 Education, and I currently do not have the resources to test this in other versions.I have ensured it's not an issue of Computer policies or firewall issues by setting up a non-domain joined machine with an image straight from Microsoft, installed Adobe Acrobat with our license and the issue still occurs, even with every single browser logged on to the webpage, attempting to append the http linked pdf only gives "General Error", as it did in Windows 7 when you weren't authenticated.



      Now, my biggest gripe with troubleshooting this, is that the "General Error" gives no other information. I went into Action Wizard and turned on "Save warnings and errors in a log file", but this log file doesn't log the error in question, at all, nothing, nada, zilch.


      Does anyone have any idea how I can either further troubleshoot this issue or, hopefully, solve it?


      All the best