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    Expressions running 30x slower in AE 2018

    JoelArt Level 1

      Steps to Reproduce Bug:

      1. Download after effects project

      Adobe-AE-2018-Expression-Bug-Much-Slower-Preview-Render-Than-AE-2017.zip - Google Drive

      2. Please test the project in both 2017 (CC 14) and 2018 (CC 15) and clear the cache right before previewing. Look at the info panel an note preview performance.



      I have a previewing performance drop of over 30x going to AE 2018 (CC 15) version compared to AE 2017 (CC 14). This applies to at least two different computers one (W10, 32GB RAM, GeForce GTX 960) the other (W7, 24 BG, GeFroce GTX 1080)


      Expected Results:

      The comp should run at nearly 25-30 fps on my computers, NOT sub 1 fps.



      Background information:

      The comp is setup with the expressions made to simulate a slot game, it's very dynamic and I can easily move around and change some simple key frames and their values and they the comp will automatically update the "game".

      I need the code for the "game" to reside in the text layer, and that will produce an array (text string) containing position and timeremap data for all other participating "symbol" layers. They, the symbols, in turn parse the text layer array data to extract their individual positions.


      At the moment I've moved back to AE 2017 as my livelihood very much depend on this workflow and currently 2018 (CC 15) is completely UNUSABLE, now it literately takes forever to preview anything. I'm very afraid that future versions of After Effects will continue having this poor expressions performance and I don't know any feasible workaround.