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    Graphic Card



      my name is Nicola and this is my first message in this community. I use my pc only for Photoshop (Lightroom) and for some GoPro Hero 4 Black video editing, so no games or other.


        Actually I have installed a graphic card Sapphire Radeon HD7770 2GB so I'd like to refresh it with a new one but reading on the various forum I don't understand some aspect as:


      - Is it better to install Nvidia or AMD graphic card?

      - Do I have best performance installing for example a Quadro P600 or a GTX 1050Ti (or the alternatives AMD)


      As you understand my budget is about 200$


      Thanks a lot for your help.



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          fenjas29325284 Level 5

          Here you can read about graphic cards for Photoshop:

          Photoshop graphics processor (GPU) card FAQ



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            HothWampa Level 2

            If you type the names of the two cards you want to compare into Google (or your search engine of choice) you'll most likely get a comparison benchmark. Here's a link comparing the two you mentioned.




            I think it just comes down to personal preference though. For me, I had a few bad experiences with AMD and had to replace 3 cards in 6 months but with Nvidia I've only had one replacement in many years so I'd never go back to AMD. That said, I'm sure there are people who will swear by AMD and have plenty of Nvidia horror stories so best bet is like I said to type the names of the cards you're considering into Google and you can judge for yourself based on the benchmarks and what suits you best.

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              D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              For Photoshop it doesn't really matter. It's not particularly GPU-intensive. You basically need a card that works, with a reasonable amount of VRAM.


              High performance cards are needed for gaming (or so they say; I wouldn't know) and arrays of several 4K displays and so on.


              NVidia seems to be a little less bug-ridden than AMD. Or maybe that's just my impression.