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    Recommended way to use cloud?


      I've been a happy Lightroom user for many years, but I'm not sure if/how the new cloud version will work for me. I have approximately 1TB of photos. In the past I was able to manage these in Lightroom locally with no problems. With the cloud version I really don't want to pay more for the additional storage. So I think I can either ignore the cloud version and stick with using Classic, or try to embrace the cloud version. While I do see the benefits of having access to all of my photos anywhere, anytime; I don't feel that's worth the additional cost I didn't used to need to pay. Am I missing something, or should I just stick with Classic?

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          Neox99 Level 4

          WHY do you want to store 1TB of photos on a cloud? Are you trying to clear space on your computer drive(s)?

          Leave the photos on your PC's drives, organize them using Lr Classic Library Module, Adobe Bridge, or the Operating System file manager. For those photos you need immediate access to for sharing (showing/presenting) enter them into the cloud system via the path of your choice. Use the cloud system for capturing photos with a mobile device, do what you wish with them there, when finished, store them on your local drives. I doubt LrCC was ever intended to be used as a mass storage place for entire libraries.

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            99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Lr CC is really designed for those who want all of their originals backed up in the cloud, automatically. So any files imported into Lr CC on a desktop computer or into a mobile device gets sent to the cloud.


            If you are happy with your own local backup strategy, Lr Classic will meet your needs. You can also make collections, maybe of your best shots and sync just your chosen photos as smart previews, which take up less storage space.

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              Neox99 Level 4

              So the opinion is - Adobe designed a new Lr system so users would have a different backup option for their massive libraries. I seriously doubt that!

              If so, why the DEVELOP modules? Simply a robust EXPORT module would do the job.

              If simply using Lr CC for storage and backup, a simple drag-n-drop interface should have been the design.

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                JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                In my opinion, if you are comfortable using Lightroom Classic CC then go ahead and continue using it. The new Lightroom CC should not be considered to be an upgrade but rather a new Lightroom that is going in a new direction, aimed at a completely different audience. If Lightroom CC meets your needs then use it. If it doesn't then keep using what works for you. Perhaps in the future, as Lightroom CC evolves, It may become something that will be more relevant to your workflow. Right now it doesn't fit my workflow. I play with it a little bit, but Lightroom Classic CC is what I use as my main software.

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                  Neox99 Level 4

                  Agree! Lr CC only fits my workflow for images captured with my iPhone. Even then I don't leave them in the cloud for long.

                  Other than importing into LR Classic and using the Develop Module I have little use for it.

                  My workflow for DSLR captured images is Bridge | Camera Raw | Photoshop. I enjoy the ACR interface much more than the Develop Module in Lr Classic.

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                    JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Is that right? I'm just the opposite. I find Lightroom much faster than trying to work with Camera Raw.

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                      Qythyx Level 1

                      Thanks for all the feedback. I think for now I'll continue to use LR Classic for main editing. I might try using the cloud version for photos I take on my iPhone, although for now I'll still sync them back to my desktop.


                      In theory I would like access to all of my photos from anywhere, anytime, but I don't want to pay extra for that.


                      BTW, for anyone that cares, I do have a reasonably robust backup solution. Basically I have a local USB connected external drive that stores everything. Then I use http://www.backblaze.com for cloud backup.