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    Latest LRCC Android (7.1.1) Unable to Sync

    Olly Newport Level 1

      I have an issue with Lightroom CC Android (latest version 7.1.1, OnePlus 3, all updated).


      The DNG photos I've taken with the camera in Lightroom CC Android are stuck syncing. On top of this, none of my Lightroom CC library has synchronised with my phone - no albums show up.


      Desktop CC, Lightroom Classic, and in browser there is no issues with sync, everything works as it should.


      Android is stuck like this:



      Pending the 51 photos I've taken with my camera forever. I've logged in and out, switched off my device, checked Lightroom Web for grey boxes (there is no sign of new pending uploads). It's stuck, how do I 'unstick' this?

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          TotallyUnstoppable Level 3

          Have you also checked the sync panel in Preferences (I realise you say there's no trouble with Classic sync, but you're not specific about how you tested that).


          Open LR Classic on your desktop. I use OSX, so you might have to follow a different path here:


          Click on "Lightroom" (top menu bar) then "Preferences", and then "Lightroom CC".


          The sync activity panel will show if an upload has stalled.  Locate that file on your device, and delete it.



          Also, have you wiped the cache partition on your phone via System Recovery?



          All that said, sync can be flaky.

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            Olly Newport Level 1

            As far as I'm concerned, this shouldn't have anything to do with Lightroom Classic, but I have checked and everything is finished. Last night I synchronised another 3,500 photos from LR Classic to LRCC and those were added without issue to web and desktop.


            If I uninstall Lightroom CC for Android will it remove all my currently not uploaded pending photos?

            If I clear cache does this delete my photos?

            Lightroom CC for Android was left running overnight and we're still in exactly the same place: Uploading... 51 pending.


            Nothing from my Lightroom CC web/desktop catalogue has been synchronised to Android.