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    Editing results in scrambled chaos


      Please help!

      I'm working on a text file imported from MAC pages into Acrobat Pro DC, consisting of mostly text with some charts.

      After saving/next day, when I want to simply change some spelling, font size, spacing etc, simple things .... the whole page and all content moves

      partially to the right, out of the visible field while leaving dotted and red lines behind ... all in all a complete scrambling mass.

      It does this with every and any attempt to edit.


      However - This does NOT happen on all pages ???!!!


      Also - the various text boxes on one page are all of a sudden combined into one ... including headers, page numbers/footers etc ... with the original spaces between text boxes replaced by paragraph spaces.


      Can I repair this ...?  what's going on...?




      MACOS Sierra - all up to date, acrobat uptodate