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    some CR2 files will not convert in DNG converter

    dlphotog Level 1

      I have come across a recent problem with the DNG Converter. This happens with both version 10.0 and the most recent one 10.1. Certain CR2 files from a Canon GX7 camera will not convert to DNG. I get the message "There was not enough memory". It is hard for me to believe I do not have enough memory as my computer is new and has ample RAM.


      Out of a shoot of say 50 images, all shot at the same time with the same camera, only a few will not convert and I can not tell what is different about the problem files from the ones that do convert. All the raw files are visible in bridge and Lightroom, and all open in camera raw, but some will not be converted to the dng format in the DNG converter.


      Anyone have this problem? I can supply the raw files if necessary.