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    Where is the photo saved when I turn on Save Original Locally?




      I am new to all things lightroom, but I am trying to use a combination of Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC to consolidate, organize, and store all of my photos.


      My end goal is to eventually have all my photos on my desktop computer in Lightroom Classic, and have them all stored to the cloud in Lightroom CC. Right now, however I have most of my photos in Lightroom Classic on my desktop, and then a few thousand different photos on Lightroom CC that I imported to the cloud from my laptop.


      I was hoping that once I got all the photos from my laptop onto the cloud, I could then boot up Lightroom CC on my desktop computer and mark all of the photos to "Save Original Locally" and it would download all those pics from the cloud to my desktop computer. This is how I was planning on migrating them from my laptop to my desktop. However, when I check the "Save Original Locally" nothing seems to happen and I can't find a file for that picture on my computer anywhere.


      So maybe that option doesn't do what I think it does? Or if it does, where can I find the local file once I save it locally from Lightroom CC?