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    Is CUDA render compatible with SLI?


      System Specs:

      Intel i7-2600k 3.4 GHz

      Nvidia GTX 760 2GB SLI (2 cards both 2GB)

      16 GB Ram


      I am exporting a 9 min 46 sec project, footage originally 4k, in 1080p H.264, 24 fps, VBR Pass 1, through adobe media encoder. Originally, thinking that it would be faster to do so, I set my renderer to CUDA, therefore using my GPUs  to "accelerate" the rendering process. It was predicted to take about 6 hours to render. I stopped it and switched to Software Only and the render time is so much shorter. Knowing this, I am wondering if SLIs are compatible with CUDA rendering in premiere and/or adobe media encoder. Or are my GPUs bottle-necking the rendering process? Or both?



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