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    Printout problem - Texture on top


      Hi everyone.

      I'm trying to print a drawing (printed from Autocad) and modified by photoshop.

      I imported just lines from Autocad, and I added all the colour layers in Photoshop.


      When I try to print it, it seems that I have a texture (red dots) on top of the drawing, and I can't manage to find a solution for my problem.

      Could anyone help me finding out the problem, please?


      I tried to print using a PDF format, a Jpeg and also a Tiff, but nothing changed.


      The Photoshop file is CMYK, 16bits and the dimensions and settings are in the following screenshot.



      Thank you all!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          That would be more a case of bad printer calibration and/ or lack of color management, especially when you work in 16bit and CMYK. The effective gamut of printed CMYK is way below that and of course relying on an automated conversion without color management almost inevitably would produce at least minor deviations. You have to work on that and read up. as a start I would suggest you convert your image to 8bit RGB and see if at least the automated functions built into the printer driver produce a more acceptable result.



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            giovannimmand Level 1

            Actually, it was the calibration of the printer. I solved the problem updating the drivers and setting the calibration again.

            Thank you so much