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    Playing FLV's - I'm Confused!!

      Hey everyone!

      I have long avoided flash, now I'm giving it a shot. I got stuck this evening trying to work my way through a template. As I describe my problem please bear with me, I am only half certain that I know what's going on. This is what I'm up against :

      I have a flash template that has an image index. Each thumbnail in the index launches the same timeline, but goes to a certain frame on that timeline and sits, showing the image that's on that one frame of the timeline. There is then a navigation bar that allows you to cycle through the images (or frames) on the timeline.

      I am wanting to dispell the images in each of these still frames and, in their place, put a video flv box and text. Ideally the FLV would not be playing, but you would be able to control the playback with buttons. I have been able to make this work in a new document using the following Actionscript :

      var netConn:NetConnection = new NetConnection();
      var netStream:NetStream = new NetStream(netConn);
      netStream.onStatus = function(infoObject) {
      status_txt.text += "Status (NetStream)" + newline;
      status_txt.text += "Level: "+infoObject.level + newline;
      status_txt.text += "Code: "+infoObject.code + newline;
      netStream.playPauseButton = play_pause_1;
      netStream.seekBar = seek_1;
      netStream.volumeBar = volume_1;

      However, when I try and apply this to my single still frame, the video does play when you initially enter the frame, but none of the buttons work. I am assuming it has something to do with the fact it is sitting on a paused frame and flash doesn't like having active buttons in that state? Or am I completely off? Can anyone offer me an approach to how I might go research this at least? I've been hammering at it for 12 hours now!

      Inversely, I did try the FLVPlayback component, and it doesn't work at all! In a brand new document I get it to work easily, but when I try and put it anywhere in this template I'm working with - it looks fine in work mode but as soon as I preview it completely disappears - I have no video, no audio, no skin - it's like I never put it there.

      If anyone has any insight, I'd very much appreciate it.


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          blazelet Level 1
          Here's another thought. What if I export an flvplayback component with my video in it - working correctly - as a swf. Can I import that swf into my project and get it to work? So far importing an swf into a brand new document won't work - but a friend says I should be able to get it to.

          Any thoughts?