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    Lightroom Mobile - no internet connection


      Hi there.


      I am having trouble saving an image to my device from within Lightroom Mobile. I've just spent the morning trying to figure out how to delete everything off the cloud because I had no idea that Lightroom would upload my entire photo library to the cloud without asking my permission (like, REALLY adobe?) Anyway, I figured out how to delete everything and organize a sync collection. This collection contains 1 photo and it is of my wife. I want to use it as her contact photo on my phone. Anyway I finally managed to get it to sync with my pixel2. I would like to save it to my phone. When I tap on the 3 dots, I have the option to save to device. When I tap that option after a few seconds Lightroom gives me an error and tells me there's no internet connection. This is simply not the case. I'm connected to my wireless router via 5G and the internet works fine on all of my devices.


      Any suggestions?