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    loss of layers


      Hello everybody )

      The essence of the problem is that when you open the photo it is not displayed (an empty gray window). When you click on the window and drag the contents, the image appears, but after releasing the cursor, disappears again and a window with an error appears

      I thought that the reason for this behavior of the program in my case is the built-in video card. And since Photoshop requires more system performance than I have - such problems started. But no, the new powerful graphics card did not help. Checked on another computer - same thing

      where to begin ?

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          You did not check with my computer.


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            Try to delete the configuration file. This can be done like this: when you start PS, you have to press CTRL + ALT + SHIFT. The screen will ask you to delete the settings file. Press YES. Continue to press this combination (CTRL + ALT + SHIFT) until all the necessary settings are deleted. If this does not help you will need to repair psd