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    Pulling information from specific row using importTextData

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      I am trying to fill out fields in a form by selecting a certain row in a text file. My javascript is


      if (typeof cnt == "undefined") cnt = 0;

      importTextData("/C/Users/Desktop/Barcodes/filename.txt", 3)


      With the above code i am able to fill out my form using information from the 3rd row in the text file. What i would like to do is fill out information based on the value of the first column. For instance, my text file looks like this


      F. Name   Gender    email

      Jon               M          test@testing.com

      Victoria         F           sample@testing.com

      Tom              M          test123@testing.com


      I would like to import the data based on the value of column one. So if column one equaled "Tom" import that row.


      Is this possible?