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    Importing Both Jpeg and Raw files


      Hi! I am new to Lightroom CC. I used to use bridge-camera raw-photoshop as my workflow. I saved my files by year, then month and in each month folder I have a RAW folder and a JPEG folder. I am wondering how you tell the difference between file times in the new Lightroom CC. For example, if I import my raw files and my jpegs won't it show doubles of each photo? I am also wondering what people do after they edit? Do you then save as JPEG? For example if I want to make a photo book or send files to someone do I just export the files I want then? I'm not sure what my new workflow will be?

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          Neox99 Level 4

          We always suggest working on a raw file if available. Lr CC gives you the option of Save To: as a .jpg or to "Original + Settings". Use the latter and the settings will be already be applied if you open in Camera raw / Photoshop.

          Note the Exposure slider already set in CR. That adjustment was made in Lr CC desktop.