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    No eye gaze?

    ArtLone Level 1

      Hello everyone! I am having an issue with eye following- the puppet isn't moving her eyes at all. I checked if pupils weren't marked as pupil range, they were marked just as pupils. I thought It might have to do with the fact that I didnt make circles for the character's eyes, but two almonds, since her eyes are half closed. I put decoy circles behind the puppet's makeup and tagged them as pupil range, but there's still no movement. Any suggestions?

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          RameezKhan Adobe Employee

          Hey ArtLone,


          Did you create the puppet in Photoshop or Illustrator?

          Did you add the + symbol while naming the eye layers [such as +Right Eye & +Left Eye]?


          Also, you should see a little crown icon on the left of your these layers when you're in Rig mode to make sure the eyes are moving independently.





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            ArtLone Level 1

            Hello Rameez,


            Shortly after posting this question, I realised that mistake. It was still not working. Then I thought the almond shape of the eye might be the problem, and in fact, it was. It was a bit complex to fix, as I had to mask the eyeball behind the few makeup layers and the facebg layer so that the unwanted part of the whites isn't visible. Thanks anyways

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              RameezKhan Adobe Employee

              Thanks for letting us know! Glad you figured it out.


              - Rameez