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    New to LR, previously PSE 7. Help!


      I haven't edited my images for a few years but want to get back to it so I can make some photo books. I want the basic tools, sharpening, contrast, saturation, cropping, lighting, etc & maybe some fun ones like changing a photo image to look like a painting. I downloaded the free LR and am lost. I'm talking really basic stuff! How to import, and where do they go when edited? Where should I be saving them, seems like so many choices. I previously kept my images in "my pictures", but I know there are other options. Should I try to find PSE's present version, or is there a simpler editing program? I now have Windows 10, and I just uploaded ICloud. Can you give me a basic definition of the ICloud and how to use it? I feel silly asking, but I had to start somewhere. Thanks so much!