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    I cancelled my free trial on Adobe Stock but I am still being charged!

    kimberleyb71477875 Level 1

      I signed up to Adobe Stock 14 day free trial back in October 2017. I signed up and instantly cancelled due to there being issues with the images and there being a watermark. I couldn't find away around the watermark so i decided to cancel. I cancelled on the same day as I signed up. However, I have just checked my bank account and noticed a charge of £23.99. I checked my bank statement and can see that i was charged for October and November of this year. The email I used was one that i don't access regularly and I was not getting the emails you were sending so only just realised now.


      I have not even used the system since the day of signing up and cancelling and would like to get a refund for the TWO months i have been charged for and for my membership to be completely cancelled. Please can you assist as online chat is not working and the phone lines are shut.


      Thank you