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    Custom brush sets all load with group folders - is that normal?


      I'm loading brush sets I've either purchased or made.  I have them organized into .abr sets.  When I bring them into Photoshop CC 2018 for the first time, they load just as a set, no group folder.

      But if I edit them and move brush presets between folders or combine them into bigger sets and then want to save them as a new set under I different name, I have been going to the preset manager and saying "Save Set" and giving it a name


      Any set I have loaded and touch and renamed and I unload from the panel and reload, comes back into the panel with a GROUP folder on top, and the .abr file is in a subfolder.  I want them to load just as a set (like the default brushes) not with every set having a group folder name.


      I've tried to save, export, import, everything I can think of, but every time I unload it and reload it... it automatically has a group folder on top...


      Is this the default?  A preference I can turn off?  Is there some other way to save my changes so the .abr stays just an .abr brush set without a group folder attached?



      Brush Groups for every .ABR set.JPG