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    Cant continue editing after making a mask selection

    AeonGaiden Level 1

      I am running into this issue from time to time and I apologize if it sounds a bit noobish but it is really breaking my workflow. What happens is, I am already deep into editing the portrait, after all the frequency separation and d&b I decide to use the pen tool or even lasso tool to mask out an area so I can clean up maybe hair strays etc. I get that done, hide the selection and make a new layer to continue with something else. However usually what ever other tool i try to use on the new layer be it brush or spot healing or whatever, it has no effect but if I use it over the masked area, it applies only there.


      So for some reason even though I hid the selection and made a new layer it still recognizes the mask and will only edit inside of it and not do anything for the rest of the image. Even if I click back on a previous layer for example to add a bit more d&b, nothing happens. The way I kind of went around this was to try to move the masked layer around and that did fix some issues but then new ones creep in because its now below something edited and its showing the edit pattern etc.


      Can someone tell me, what am I doing wrong or does the mask layer have to be at a certain place throughout the retouch like always on top of all layers or bottom or...? Thanks guys!