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    How to get started *programming* in PhoneGap?

    Jim at Miramontes

      OK, maybe I’m just an idiot.  I’ve downloaded the PhoneGap tools, and have successfully built the HelloWorld app and got it running, through the embedded server, on my phone.  But, I’ve been all over the links on the PhoneGap site, and I have yet to find any explanation of how you actually write new code for a PhoneGap app — how you might build a version of HelloWorld that would display something like “Hello world — it’s <day of the week>!” 


      Have I missed it somewhere?  Am I just thinking about this fundamentally wrong?  In any case, can anyone point me to how you actually write code for PhoneGap?  Thanks!

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          Think of Phonegap as the foundation of the app. The next step is deciding on how to build the house. There a lot of UI frameworks that can assist yo. I love working with Ionic, heck I even wrote a book on it for O'Reilly. But you also can look at Framework7, Onse, KendoUI as options.


          You don't have to use a UI framework, but it is probably a good idea. Each framework is going to require some additional learning. You will also need to understand how Cordova plugin system works as well.


          hope to clears up somethings for you. Good luck!

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            Jim at Miramontes Level 1

            OK, this is helping; thanks!  For others coming by this post in the future, googling ”phonegap ionic”, ”phonegap framework7”, and other such things is likely to be helpful.


            A practical question (one that may be a stupid one to ask on a PhoneGap board, but anyway): I’ve got a solid JavaScript background, but haven’t yet gotten into Framework7, AngularJS, React, or other of these sorts of frameworks.  So I’m looking at a learning curve no matter what I do.  Purely for the purposes of getting an iPhone app together, am I better off diving into one of these frameworks (and their plugins, libraries, coding styles, and such, all of which will impose their own demands), or should I just bite the bullet and learn Swift?  Learning a JS framework could surely have advantages in future web-based work, and that’s not to be ignored.  But, if my real interest is in getting an iPhone app together...  Thanks again!