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    Wrong version of Lightroom?


      Complex issue ...


      - I have Lightroom and Photoshop CC loaded on two machines ... My desktop and my NEW laptop.

      - I used to have this loaded on my desktop and my OLD laptop.

      -- My OLD laptop also had licenses for a STAND ALONE COPY of CS6 and LR 5

      - I REMOVED AND DEACTIVED everything to do with CC from the OLD laptop.

      - I tried to update my LR 5 to LR 6 ... in a STAND ALONE version. ... Paid the extra $$.

      - What keeps loading is LR CC (2015), but it will not allow me access as it is "CC" and I already have two copies of "CC" active.

      - I spent over an hour with tech support on the phone and HE attempted to correct the situation ... See Case ADB-523311-C7P8 

      -- The result is that he reinstalled LR CC (2015) and it STILL wants me to "sign in" to use it

      -- I SHOULD NOT have to sign in for a fully-paid STAND ALONE version!


      My preferred solution is to be able to actually download and install the STAND ALONE version of LR 6  (I have a properly paid for number for it!)  If this doesn't work, HOW DO I GET MY MONEY BACK?


      #notterriblyhappyatthemoment - but this is fixable (I hope!)