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    Photos took forever to load

    CahayaBadi42 Level 1

      I've been using the app for color checking and quick adjustments for around a year, but lately after upgrading to Lightroom Classic CC, my photos are longer to load, as in the preview loads but the circle just keeps moving, preventing me from doing any adjustments to the photo. i've tried a lot of photos in my library and they just won't load properly. And also i've been keeping the smart previews locally for offline editing on my phone.


      however, all of my online photos load up quite instantly (5-10 seconds depending on network). and i can make adjustments on them, not like my offline photos.


      is there any solutions for this? or is online the best solution? i'm using Lightroom Classic CC on my desktop. my phone is a LG G4, i'm pretty sure it handles this task pretty well as Snapseed renders pretty quickly.


      thanks in advance!