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    Moving from Organizer from PS-13 to PS-2018


      I have used PS-9, 10, 11, and 13. I have experienced very slow speeds and freezes with all my Organizer programs. I keep buying the new version hoping things have improved but to no avail. PS-13 has been the best but I still experience freeze-ups when I do certain functions. Unfortunately, I have not been able to figure out what those functions are so I can avoid them. I still have PS-11 and 13 on my MacBook Pro (Mid 2015 running 10.13.1) and have purchased PS-2018. I don't, however, want to  just dump my old Organizer content into the new one in case it's carrying some sort of bug. I also don't know if I should uninstall PS-11 and 13 before I start with PS-2018.  Can someone advise me the best way to set-up PS-2018 (especially the Organizer) to be sure I have a clean copy that's not carrying a bug from a previous version.  Thank you.