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    Removing the File Extension in the name so that it doesn't appear in IND when used as a variable

    iBabs2 Level 2



      I am trying to use the Text variable feature in InDesign to bring in the Image Name of the placed PSD. However, I would like it to come in without the suffix.


      I was thinking that if there was a way to save the PSD name without the extension, so that when it came into InDesign, that would be missing, but that will not work.


      So, then I thought about using a dynamic caption instead of a variable. But I would need a way for the Metadata area of the PSD to have the name somewhere (like description or keywords area), to show the name without the file extension in it.


      If anyone has any thoughts, I would greatly appreciate it. I will also be seeking script option, but if there is something within the program that would do this, that would be best,


      Thank you,