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    How to TYPE a long straight line in Photoshop? And preview changes in REAL-TIME

    jecamartinez Level 1

      Hi! You know how in Microsoft Word when you type a bunch of dashed lines then hit enter, the dashed lines become one straight line?


      I'm trying to do that in Photoshop CC 2018 with the type tool. I want to TYPE the line within a text box, NOT draw it with the line tool. This is because I'd want the line/separator to adjust if I change any text above or below it.


      And while I'm at it, I used to be able to preview any changes I make while I adjust things like line spacing, text size, etc in Photoshop CS6, but now it doesn't work in CC? For example, If I scrub along the font size, the text changes size in REAL TIME. Now I have to hit enter on the font size before the change is reflected on the text (same for line spacing, layer opacity, etc). Is there a setting for this?