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    verity spider and localhost

      Verity Spider is licensed to only spider a local server. Because of this, it indexes my collection with http://localhost/ instead of http://www.mydomain.com/

      My problem is that none of my users outside the network can access search results because all of the search result URLs look something like: http://localhost/index.cfm?go=main.default when they should look like http://www.mydomain.com/index.cfm?go=main.default

      This is the command I am using to run vspider.exe:
      vspider.exe -collection d:\cfusionmx\verity\collections\mycollection -start http://localhost/ -indinclude * -cgiok

      If I use my actual domain as a start, i.e. -start http://www.mydomain.com/, I get "Connection refused" (presumably because Verity Spider is only licensed for local spidering)

      Is there a vspider param that will let me declare localhost = http://www.mydomain.com as far as the indexed records are concerned?

      Also if I am limited to spidering localhost, how can I use the -indexclude and -exclude options if I wanted to limit something like http://sub.mydomain.com (using anything other than localhost in exclusions also gives me a "Connection refused")?

      Any insight is appreciated, thanks for your time