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    Photoshop hijacking file associations (Mac)

    Bananzaman Level 1

      Hi People,


      I'm running an iMac with El Capitan OS, and have

      the 2017 versions of many Adobe apps, including

      Photoshop and Illustrator installed.


      A month ago, suddenly, all of my desktop PNG and

      JPG icons were taken over by Illustrator (instead of

      'Preview' - the fast and simple system default viewer).

      Every time I would boot up, I would have to re-assign

      PNG's and JPG's to Preview, else when I clicked them,

      I'm faced with a laborious wait time for Illustrator to



      Because I never used Illustrator, I renamed the app,

      which seemed to temporarily solve the problem, but

      now Photoshop has taken over the PNG's and JPG's.


      I'm not sure if this is an Adobe issue or a Mac OS issue,

      but it gets really annoying to have to re-assign the file

      associations every time I boot up.


      Any advice or feedback appreciated.