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    Old RoboHelp WinHelp File to Robo HTML

    mrdakota Level 1
      In using Robo X5, I converted WinHelp project over to HTML and created the links to the map IDs (I thought correctly). Since then, we have move to the Tech Comm Suite that has Robo 7. Lately, my developer has stated that many of the links are broken. Being relatively new to RoboHelp, I found a folder names Broken Links and proceeded to fix these links. All went well, but the developer still states that links are broken. When I open the All Map IDs dialog, it was here that there were no links made. Must I manually fix each link or is there a way to relink automatically? Also, can someone explain what the difference is with the Map ID files in the dropdown? There is all map ids, a .h file, and several other files. Can some of these be from the old WinHelp file? Is there something I may have missed during the converting process?