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    Some on our team can see all of the CAC signatures, but others cannot - but have in the recent past.  What may cause this disparity?


      Our team of five people have each CAC-signed a pdf document.  3 of the same people can see all of the signatures, but 2 others can only see one of the five signatures.  Worse than that, the Senior Staff person (not one of the five signers) who needs to have a fully-signed copy is also unable to see the five signatures.


      We have examples images of the same file as seen by each extreme, one with all signatures visible and the other with only a single signature visible.


      Looking to learn causes for this disparity.  Did someone possibly make the wrong selection when signing or have some feature turned on or off when signing?  Or is it about the settings of the viewer/reader?  But, if the latter is the case, then why does the viewer/reader show any signatures at all?


      Thank you in advance for your assistance.