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    Firefox Quantum does not work as expected?


      I signed up to a free trial of Adobe Stock, since I just needed few images for my project. I had a plan to cancel this during first month and logged in to manage account and opened manage plan as instructed in online manual. Page was totally empty, so I mistakenly assumed that it is already cancelled and nothing to worry. I even refreshed a page multiple times. However, notice from my credit card company woke me up that Stock account is still active and 44 usd charge was posted. After few trials, I noticed that this problem was related to Firefox Quantum browser (default settings) and with Chrome everything works normally and cancel account option is easily available. I swiftly canceled my plan with Chrome but maybe too late?


      According to me, this is not a great way to create satisfied customers. Of course, stupid of me to expect that free trial would somehow cancel itself automatically to avoid unnecessary cost. Does anybody else had same kind of experience with Firefox?