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    Hardware Setup for best performance




      as it is extremely hard to find Adobe related benchmarks...


      For highest performance in Lr and Ps:


      AMD Vega64 or nVidia GTX1080Ti?
      AMD Threadripper 16core or Intel i9 10core?



      Please only "hard facts", not fanboy talk...


      Windows 10, just BTW... :-)

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          tobibu  wrote


          Please only "hard facts", not fanboy talk...


          You don't help yourself with that comment


          The Threadripper is a poor choice for a system predominantly used for Photoshop.  You can save yourself a bunch of cash, and get a much faster system by using the 8700K .


          An interesting thread in the Premiere Pro Hardware forum.  Note: Lots of cores are good for PremPro, but not so good for Photoshop and Lightroom.


          AMD Threadripper 1950x Slow Adobe Boot and Render


          Our go to place for real world information.  Pick out the benchmarks for your apps of choice.





          FWIIW, I am building a new system using the 7900X, and Photoshop represents 90% of my workload.  I know I could get better performance with the 8700K, but I like to run a lot of apps at the same time.  The 7900X can run a single core at 4.5Ghz in Turbo Mode 3, and one core is all you need for Photoshop.


          If you decide to take a similar route, then be aware that there have been issues with X299 motherboards running Adobe apps with Turbo 3 causing BSODs.  There's lots about it a Google away, but I'm hoping that mainboard firmware updates will fix it.  You can prevent Turbo 3 being enabled on startup which kind of defeats the object, but it is unthinkable that the issue won't be fixed.  (he said crossing fingers and toes )


          https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/support-software/How-To-Prevent-The-Intel-Turbo-Boost-Ma x-3-0-Software-From-Launching-…


          Please let us know what direction you take, and how you intend to cool it.


          Good luck and thanks for any feed back down the road