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    Flash player concurrent instance limitations

    Max Power Extreme
      Our team began stress testing our Flex application. We built our own stress tester that will fire up instances of Firefox on different machines which run a stress tester written in Flex. We were hoping to launch 80 instances per machine, so we could monitor traffic with about 2000 users, but Firefox crashes after about 35 instances, and blames its failure on the shockwave flash player. We've also attempted this test with IE and just like Firefox it crashes at around 35 instances. Is there known issue with the Flash player that would cause this problem, and is there a version of the Flash player that could help us resolve this problem? We are running our stress tests on Windows XP computers, using Firefox, and the Flash player v. 9. Each request does send cookies back to the server. In fact if we have 35 instances running then each request will send down 35 cookies along with some information to help identify the correct cookie. I don't suspect the cookies are the problem. Any help would be appreciated. We definitely would like to be able to launch more instances of stress tester, so we can get a better picture of where limits are, right now we're just coasting through the stress tests.