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    Dynamic stamp data entry


      I've created a dynamic stamp that has two fields for the user to enter data.

      The stamp and javascript code seem to be working correctly except that I

      get prompted twice for the data entry, once when selecting the stamp and

      again when placing the stamp. I found a work-around; if I enter the data on

      the first prompt and then 'cancel' on the second prompt the stamp gets placed

      and the data shows correctly. This is the code I'm using for one of the fields:


      var cResponse = app.response({

      cQuestion: "Enter the Dates to appear in the stamp.",

      cTitle: "Dates",

      cLabel: "Dates"

      event.value = cResponse;


      I'm using the code from some examples I found. The other thing that would

      be nice is to combine the two field prompts into one prompt for the data entry.