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    Presenter 7 and Flash

      I thought this whole workaround with inserting the amount of silence equal to the length of the swf was going to go away with Presenter 7. It hasn't. Simply checking the box in the Manage Flash dialog doesn't force the slide to the length of the inserted movie.

      Am I missing something here? I thought I read that the insert silence workaround was going away... It looks to me like no new functionality was added in terms of managing swfs. They just gave it a menu item.


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          catholicon Level 1
          Presenter 7 respects the duration of swfs on 'controlled by playbar' for Captivate swfs.

          I guess the idea is that finding optimal time for normal swfs is easy (number of frames/frame rate) while that doesn't hold true for Captivate projects.
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            millmoss25 Level 1
            So then I must be missing something. Because even though I insert the movie, and then go to Manage Flash and click the checkbox, when the movie plays, it just treats the slide as a slide with no audio and steamrolls right on through. No respect to the inserted Flash at all. Am I missing a checkbox somewhere?

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              catholicon Level 1
              My apologies for creating the confusion.
              Presenter 7 won't respect the time for simple swfs. It would respect the time of Captivate swfs.
              (You still need to check the 'controlled by plabar' checkbox)