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    Question about custom button triggers and actions.

    shoomayker Level 1

      I want a button to do this:

      1) With single click on Field1 - hide Field1 and show Field2

      2) With single click on Field2 - hide Field 2 and show Field1

      3) With double click on Field1 - open a file


      Basically, I want to show and hide images throughout a PDF. I want the option between having the image appear on the document and being able to open the image in a new window.


      Any help? I very new to Javascript and cannot figure it out.

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          Thom Parker Adobe Community Professional

          Hiding and showing fields is easy. But there is no double click event, so it has to be implemented as a script.


          So here is code for the mouseUp on Field1:


          this.getField("Field2").hidden = false;

          event.target.hidden = true;


          Here is the code for the mouseup on Field2


          this.getField("Field1").hidden = false;

          event.target.hidden = true;


          double click detection is outside the scope of this thread